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Keeping Cats With Allergies

Being Intensely Allergic To Your Pets Is Hard Work

Owning and looking after 6 creatures that have the capability of setting off a huge allergic reaction at any point, is almost a job unto itself.

I don’t mind dealing with the stigma of being a ‘crazy cat lady’, it’s something that I’ve almost taken as a badge of honour. If anything, I’m the very limit of that term – many people have called me crazy to surround myself with animals that can physically cause me harm by simply being near me. They’d be right, if I didn’t love them as much as I do.


It’s important in life to surround yourself with people and things that make you happy.

A long time ago, I found out that I was most comfortable in the company of cats. I came from a family that did not hold with keeping pets. Both my parents were host to a number of severe allergens that could be set off at the slightest contact. These ranged from the every day (dairy and wheat) to the more bizarre (my Mother could not come into contact with water for the first 10 years of her life).

My parents dealt with these allergies well, however they did not have the time to raise myself and my two brothers (along with our range of allergies and conditions) as well as allow us to keep pets.

I first discovered that I was allergic to Cats when we visited a distant relative in the South of France.

Aunt Marygold was a strange old woman. Wrapped up in layers of blankets and covered in Cats, her villa in Bordeaux was cutesy, stiflingly hot and filled with the allergens that I soon discovered were toxic to my body. My parents assumed it was something we’d eaten at a restaurant on the way over. They’d seen allergic reactions before, experienced dozens more of them, and knew the symptoms weren’t life threatening.

As I rolled about on the floor with the half dozen cats that Aunt Marygold kept, the itchy tightness of my rashy skin, the wheezing breaths, all melted away in my mind – I was happy with the cats.


It was only after we left my Aunt’s that the symptoms began to subside and I parents successfully put two and two together. By then, however, it was too late. I was besotted by cats and wanted nothing more than to own 6, just like my lonely Aunt Marygold and live with them in an eternal happiness.

My close relationship with Allergy Control during my childhood, coupled with my own frustrating set of Allergens, led me to take close interest in Biology as well as Chemistry. I became obsessed with discovering the cure to my symptoms, so that I could one day own the precious half-dozen feline companions that would complete my life.

I’m still searching for the cure now, but I was far too impatient to wait to get the cats. Dusty, Jane, Horace, Bruce, Teddy and Jasper are the best friends that I have ever had. I understand that it makes me crazy to say that and I do have other human friends.


But, no other living beings have given so much joy as my furry, lethal cat-companions.

5 British Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations

Don’t leave your furry friend behind on your next holiday!

Sometimes you might be able to find a close friend or relative to look after your dog for the duration of your holiday – but sometimes it’s simply not worth the worry.

If the idea of leaving them in a kennel doesn’t quite sit right with you, then why not consider these pet-friendly options:

Bowland Fell Park, North Yorkshire

Situated right on the edge of Forest of Bowland, this is a wonderful caravan site that hosts static homes which boast comfortable beds and, most importantly, pet-friendly accommodation.


With the entirety of the forest to explore at your leisure, not to mention the Yorkshire Dales just a 10 minute drive away, this is a wonderful way of seeing lots of the great outdoors with your canine companion.

Tyddyn Goronwy Camping Park, North Wales

If you’re looking for a rugged jaunt into the countryside, without the hard night’s sleep of actual camping, then Tyddyn Goronwy’s quirky pods could be just for you.


They might be little more than glorified sheds, but with the added bonus of insulation, security, a TV for cosy nights in and heating – you’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable, comfortable option for you and your dogs.

Caffyns Farm, Devon

Of course, when the summer sun is beating down in glorious England, there’s nothing better than really getting out into the great outdoors.


Caffyns Farm offers exactly that, with a refreshing take on the camping experience. They’re completely dog-friendly and also own a wide selection of ponies that you can ride for £25/hour. There’s a stream for little ones to play in and you’re right in the centre of Exmoor, one of Britain’s loveliest areas.

The Grosvenor Arms, Dorset

A night in this classy Pub/Hotel may well set you back a big whack (room prices start at around £125/night) but it’s far and away one of the swankiest place to take your dog.


Dorset’s a gorgeous area for walking your pooch and when you’re both exhausted from hiking round the countryside, Chef Neil Duffet is on hand to cook some delicious a la mode food that’s bound to sate your hunger.

Russell’s of Clapton Hotel, London

A city break may seem like a rather odd choice to take your dog, but it’s thanks to places like Russel’s of Clapton that it’s becoming a more and more popular choice.


Annette Russell used to work in the the music-industry, now she runs a B&B out of her stylish London property, with the help of her whippet Reggie. It’s set within a more ‘traditional’ East London street – so expect takeaway shops and council estates to bookend this unique experience.