Save These Animals: Buy Faux-Fur

It’s a cruel fact that us humans have been known to treat our animal neighbours pretty poorly.

Whether it’s trapping for display in museums, showing them off in circuses or farming them for their fur, the human race has a long way to go in their treatment of animals. 

As archaic as it is, the fur industry is one that is still thriving all across the world. Despite protests and an increased awareness for the cruelty that this trade implicitly involves, millions of people still happily hand their money over to retailers selling fur goods. Whilst many associate the fur trade with that of mink, there are dozens of animals that are killed, farmed or trapped for their fur. However you feel about eating animals, it’s not difficult to take a stance against the trade of fur.

Below are detailed some of the animals that are cruelly treated by humans for capital gain:


The beaver is an incredibly social animal which has been hunted or trapped to near extinction over the last two centuries. Unmolested this industrious animal can live for nearly 20 years and can grow up to 4 feet longs. The beaver’s reputation as a builder is well earned, working together beavers help to keep river beds healthy by creating wetlands which support countless other species. Trappers and hunters seek these creatures out for their fur which is still used by high-end designers across the world.


With their playful demeanour and highly sensitive ears, raccoons are social animals who have a omnivores diet including eggs, fish and nuts. This animals is far more intellectual than it’s often get credit for, it’s able to pick locks and has to constantly adapt to its environment as human development causes it to keep moving homes. These animals are relentlessly hunted by humans who see them as pests, and are also sold to the fur industry.


These incredibly social, timid creatures are naturally prey animals. They live underground during the day and venture out at night to forage for food. Easily startled, these animals are happiest when given space to hide with their fellow creatures. Unfortunately, rabbit fur is highly-prized by many furriers which has lead to the construction of horrific battery farms which cram these creatures into tiny cages and leaves them to suffer in their own filth before meeting a grisly, violent death.

Cats and Dogs

Although dogs and cats are prized as our best friends in the West, these animals are not given the same respect in other parts of the world. Massive farms of dogs and cats are particularly common in China where these creatures are beaten to death, hanged and strangled in order to be butchered and turned into ornaments or trinkets. Often the fur of these animals is sold to the US where it’s repackaged as another animal completely.

So what can you do?

If you’re a fashion conscious person who simply likes ‘the look’ of fur items then you should consider taking your fur items out of your wardrobe and replacing them with faux fur, like this young blogger who’s touting this faux fur double pom pom hat. Go the extra mile by finding about your local animal rights group and taking part in a protest that gets people talking.