Who We Are

Pet Advisory is Comprised of 4 Passionate Pet-owners

Pooling their collective knowledge of Pet-ownership, gathered over decades of experience, they contribute articles and funny pet stories that will hopefully entertain and educate you on the finer points of Pet-ownership.

Timothy Schiller

cow-1A Tax Accountant by trade, Timothy’s love of animals stretches all the way back to his infancy, spent on a dairy farm in Bavaria. He was taught by his parents to treat all animals with the care and compassion that one treats their own children.

Leaving his homeland to study in England, Timothy soon found himself yearning for Animal companionship – he wandered freely at County Fairs, gazing earnestly at the placid Farmyard creatures. He soon became a familiar face on the County Show circuit, eventually catching the eye of a young Farmer – he now lives and works on his own Dairy farm with his wife and three children.

Rebecca Malick

catCat lovers come in all shapes and sizes – none stranger than our feline expert Rebecca. There have been five medically ratified forms of allergens that are emitted by the domestic cat. Rebecca is extremely allergic to every single one of these chemicals.

Despite her own body physically rejecting these animals, we know of no greater lover of cats. Owning 6, she has developed a series of sophisticated methods of feeding and petting her precious furry friends that involves a cocktail of ant-histamines, an Hazmat suit and a custom-built airlock in her own home. Although she has no formal training in Veterinary Science, her years of experience in dealing with cats at arm’s length, make her an invaluable contributor.

Errol Grey

boa-conWhilst many non-animal lovers can understand the appeal of owning a dog or cat, it can be difficult to justify the purchase of a creature that is not as instantly likeable. Errol’s collection of nearly twenty reptiles and amphibians exist as proof of his passion for Herpetology.

Errol might not be able to give his Boa Constrictor a hug (although Cynthia may well want to hug back, in her own way), he still gains a great satisfaction from looking after her – as well as the other reptiles, small and large, that are secreted away in the dozens of cages in his small London flat. Each one of his creatures demands a delicate balance of humidity and heat to remain healthy, something he takes pride in doing. Passionate about the subject, he wrote many articles and resources about biology and more specifically about snakes. After having a consequent amount of articles, he decided to create his own website, so people in need of information could find quality content. The website did not have a lot of traffic so he learned more about Google SEO and PPC best practices to improve it.

Beatrice Tanqueray

dogFor every cat lover, there is a dog lover. Although Beatrice holds no grudges against animals of the feline persuasion, she has always found the company of canines to be much more stimulating and soothing.

Beatrice has always owned just one dog. She believes in the sacred, almost instinctive, relationship that exists between ‘a man and his dog’. Two creatures from two species that sit at odds with each other in terms of DNA, but have somehow found a method of co-existence. Each relationship intricately defined by an encyclopaedic bank of physical and verbal commands.